Club Volleyball

Empower Volleyball is committed to training the whole athlete and providing high quality training and playing experiences for all youth.

Any player who enters a volleyball program has the right to expect quality coaching and instruction. Empower Volleyball's coaches are certified via USA Volleyball's CAP program. This program is built on an on-going, progressive format in which coaches at all levels receive the most current information available on volleyball. USAV CAP instruction is based on sound principles in the areas of skills development, tactical systems, physical training, motor learning, sports psychology and administration.

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  • All inclusive pricing with no added fees
  • Strength and Agility Training
  • Mental Performance Training
  • IMPACT Certified coaches
  • Sports Recruits recruiting platform
  • Custom quality uniforms and gear
  • Team bonding
  • No mandatory fundraising
  • More tournament days
  • More practice time
  • Scholarships and payment plans available



10U - 18U GIRLS

Saturday July 20, 2024

Romeoville Recreation Center - 900 W Romeo Rd. Romeoville IL

4th grade - 8th grade

Check in: 10:30 - 11:00 AM

Tryouts: 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM

High School

Check in: 1:30 - 2:00 PM

Tryouts: 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Sunday July 21, 2024

Yorkville Middle School - 920 Prairie Crossing Dr Yorkville, IL


Check in: 11:00 AM- 11:30 AM

Tryouts: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM


10U to 14U Season begins October 2024

15U to 18U Season begins November 2024

12U - 16U BOYS

Saturday August 17, 2024

Romeoville Recreation Center - 900 W Romeo Rd. Romeoville IL

5th grade - 10th grade

Check in: 12:30 - 1:00 PM

Tryouts: 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Sunday August 18, 2024

Yorkville Middle School - 920 Prairie Crossing Dr Yorkville, IL

5th grade - 10th grade

Check in: 12:00 PM- 12:30 PM

Tryouts: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM


Boys of all ages begin their season in September 2024

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Tryouts FAQ

If you are unable to participate in tryouts on the date indicated, please let us know that you will be attending our MAKEUP date. If you are not available on this date either, please let us know and we can schedule a private tryout at a later time. 

Players are chosen based on their experience, skill level, athleticism, hustle, and overall attitude. We may also be looking for specific positions in certain age levels. Empower is a club that strives to have a family type culture of positivity and encouragement. Energy and attitude will be carefully noted as you make your way through the tryouts process.  

We typically place 9-12 players on a club team. Factors that affect this determination include but are not limited to: age group, skill level, and the positional needs of any particular team.

Empower is a small club who strives to give proper attention to every player in the program. In order to do this well, we only roster 1-2 teams per division. 

No, you do not. We will compete in age groups from 12U to 18U, but athletes can start playing volleyball with our club as young as 9 years old.

  1. Bring the right attitude
    • Skill is important but a player with a positive attitude will always be chosen over a talented player with a poor attitude.
    • Be coachable and ready to accept feedback. A simple "Yes Coach" will go much farther than arguing with a coach or making excuses on why the mistake was made. 
    • Be aggressive and fierce on the court but don't forget to show respect, encouragement, and courtesy to other players. Volleyball is a team sport and your willingness and ability to work with other players will make a huge difference in the selection process.
  2. Come prepared
    • Be early. Show the coaching staff that you are a dependable and committed volleyball player. 
    • Wear the proper attire. Kneepads and gym friendly comfortable clothes are a must. Hair should be pulled back and not interfere with play. Tryouts are not a time to be fashionable or cute. Always bring a water bottle.
  3. Give it your all
    • Work hard. Coaches can always tell when players are not giving their all or are cutting corners. 
    • Call every ball, chase every ball, and communicate with your teammates. Show the coaches that you are a hard working individual and also a team player. 

You will check in when you arrive. There may be a line, so please be patient and courteous. During check in, all players will receive a tryout number and have their photo taken.

Once tryouts begin, all players go through several rounds of general volleyball skills testing, where they will rotate through stations designed to evaluate their skills in passing, setting, attacking, and serving.

Towards the second half of tryouts, players may be evaluated based on their primary position, as well as participate in more game-like drills and scrimmages. 

Tryouts allow us to observe knowledge and skill, but we strongly consider players' attitudes, willingness to work hard, communication, ability to adapt to new drills/situations, general athletic ability, willingness to learn, and primary position. Keep in mind that we must form teams based not only on talent, but also considering players' positions and what they can bring to the team. 

Please note that under no circumstances are parents or other spectators allowed in the gym during tryouts. 

Approximately 2-3 hours after the completion of tryouts, you will receive an email with information as to which players are being offered a spot on one of our club teams. 

Results will be listed by number, so please make sure that you remember your tryout number from earlier in the day. A list of alternates will also be provided in the event we feel that we would like to see your athlete on the court again. 

Athletes that are not offered a club team spot are recommended for private instruction or in-house league training. We encourage athletes to continue to train and improve in order to try out for club again in the fall or for the following season.

  • If you choose to join our Summer In House League to train for the next round of tryouts in September, Empower will apply your $25 tryout fee to your league tuition dues. 
  • If you would like more specific information on what skills to work on, please see one of our club directors and we'll be happy to provide additional feedback. 


Membership Registration

Go to AAU WEBSITE to obtain or renew membership. Use club code RSY6YDB4.  Print or email Membership Card (NOT the receipt).



Membership Registration

Junior Membership - For juniors ages 18 or younger

Adult Membership - For adults ages 18 or older

(League teams don't need these memberships in order to participate in our in house programs)



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